Live your life on EZ Mode.

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Ardu-EZ Button

An Arduboy Game Jam 4 Entry

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Live life on EZ Mode.

Ardu-EZ Button Demo


The Ardu-EZ button is the perfect way to relish your daily successes! Just one press and you’ll be greeted with a satisfying affirmation of the ease with which you dispatch even the most pesky problems. But a veteran problem-solver like you won’t need only one press, so the Ardu-EZ button is built to withstand rapid dispensing of self-validation. Go forth and conquer your day!


A Button: Press EZ Button

B Button: Toggle Sound (Default: Muted)

Web Player

Ardu-EZ Button Web Version

BONUS: “Adult” Humor Derivative Version

For the memelords in the audience, and thematic with a November release: an alternative button.

Ardu-Nut Button Web Version