An Arduboy Otoge/Rhythm Game
BiriBiriBeat: An Arduboy Otoge/Rhythm Game

Official Game Website

Visit the website to view the game manual, download the latest .hex release, and play the game in your web browser! (Web emulator does not support audio.)

Tech Specs

  • #### Library Dependencies:
    • Arduboy2 v5.2.1
  • #### Development Environment/Toolchain:
    • PlatformIO Home 3.1.0-rc.2
    • PlatformIO Core 4.2.0rc1
    • Atmel AVR Platform 2.0.0


BiriBiriBeat, including all non-library code, sprites, and music is Copyright 2019-2020 shiyouganai.

The Squawk Library is Copyright 2013 Davey Taylor, modified with permission for BiriBiriBeat.

Logo design, character design, and spritework by dr!p.

Button sprites derived from spritework by tytydraco.